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Samsung VS Apple Phones (Smartphones)

Here we compare Samsung vs Apple on Softonic blog after that user can make the mind that which mobile phone is best for them. With the passage of time mobiles companies design the hard one mobile over the previous one. read the below characteristics of the Apple and Samsung mobile and decide that which is the best in the Samsung vs Apple comparison.

Samsung VS Apple

How you make the decision on Softonic that among iPhone 2018 vs Samsung which is better?

Do you spend your most of the time on the internet or do you take pictures through your mobile mostly? do you use your mobile for voice call mostly? or you play graphics and intensive game in your mobile device. do you watch movies on your mobile devices?

According to all these questions we take the comparison of the latest Apple vs Samsung devices that which is better. Apple offers the new iPhone XS and XS max whereas Samsung offers S9, S9+ and Note 9.

The main difference between these two mobiles is the size of the screen and the size of the battery. iPhone XS has the same size as Samsung S9 whereas the size of Samsung S9+ is same as iPhone XS max. Samsung Note 9 is also big in size but it has the pin for writing. other differences between these mobiles are minor.

Check the size and decide in iPhone vs Samsung which is better?

iPhone vs Samsung which is better

Physical size

Below are the screen resolution and the size of both mobile devices.

iPhone XS: 5.8-inch size of the screen and 2436 x 1125 is the resolution of the screen

iPhone XS max: 6.5 inch is the screen size and 2688 x 1242 is the resolution of the screen

Samsung S9: 5.8 inch is the size of the screen and the screen resolution is 2690 x 1440

Samsung S9+: 6.2 Inch is the size of the screen and screen resolution is 2690 x 1440

Samsung Note 9: 6.4 is the screen size and 2690 x 1440 is the screen resolution.

Screen Quality of Samsung vs apple phone on Softonic

Both mobiles Samsung and Apple has best OLED screen. you can check the great review of the Samsung Note 9 screem from the display mate. both apple and Samsung companies use the sharp, bright and high calibrated screen for their mobile devices.

Storage Capacity comparison of Samsung vs iPhone via Softonic

Storage is upon the users that if a user wants to make save different movies in mobile then users need the high storage mobile otherwise low storage mobile is the priority of the users.

Samsung Phone has a Micro SD card expansion slot in which you can save data beyond the internal storage of the mobile device. A top storage device of the Samsung is Note 9 which is 512 GB version. it can increase upto 1 TB when you use the slot of SD card.

In Apple maximum storage provided in the device is 512 GB and there is no slot available for the SD card so apple devices storages are not expandable.

So if we take the comparison in Samsung vs iPhone then the winner is Samsung because of the expandable storage option.

Summary Result On Softonic

You can see here the result summary of each section of Samsung and Apple phone

Physical Size: On the small phone there is a tie between Samsung and Apple phone but in large size, apple win.

Speed: Apple phone is the winner in this section.

Screen Quality: Tie between Apple and Samsung.

Camera: Tie

Storage Capacity: Samsung winner in this section

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