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If weather condition is not normal and there is some power failure issue in your area then you can check Outage problem by using the below Outage map, and then report Power Outage problem to the Customer care centre of PowerSouth. Company will respond you instantly to make you able to use the services properly.

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative:

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative is providing a wholesale power needs of 20 distributors in which 16 electric cooperatives and 4 municipal electric systems in Alabama and northwest Florida, USA. It is now one of the 62 G&T cooperatives of United States. Headquarters of the company is in the Andalusia, AL, US.

POWERSOUTH Power Outage:

You may face Power Outage problem because of storm or rain etc. whenever there is any such issue then without delaying you need to submit report to POWERSOUTH customer care centre. After your report company will start working on your issue to handle Outage problem.

POWERSOUTH Power Outage Reports – current status:

You can use below given graph to check the reports from your area about Power Outage problem. You have access to see the reports submitted by customers during last 24-hours. You can check the current statistics easily about Outage Problem reports.




A good report is one in which you clarify your Power Outage problem to the Care centre of POWERSOUTH. With the Power Outage map which is given below, you can check the problem area easily and then submit the report properly according to the given information via Outage Map.





It is your duty to submit report to POWERSOUTH about your Power Outage problem. Company will respond you immediately when you submit Outage report by visiting official web site or by using the below given contacts:

  1. Call to Customer Care at: +1 334-427-3000
  2. Submit your report online
  3. Follow POWERSOUTH on Twitter

Current Status and Outage Report of POWERSOUTH Power Outage: June 30, 2017:

If you’re facing POWERSOUTH Power Outage today, please submit Outage report OR submit your review below.

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