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Oncor Power Outage

Is there any issue in your area of Oncor Power Outage? If yes then you need to submit power outage report at customer report centre of Oncor. If in your area the electricity problem is going on for a long time than you need to report power Outage. By doing so you can easily inform the company about the problem in order to solve the issue. With latest updates and alerts now you will remain in contact with the company and can easily report the Oncor Outage.

Oncor Public Power District:

Oncor electric delivery company is the largest transmission and distribution electric utility- company of Texas and on 6th position across the USA. It is providing the facility to 10 million people who are resident of 91 countries and 401 cities in the state. East, west and north Texas is under the Oncor power supply. Central Texan and many surrounding countries are also part of territory covered by the Oncor electricity provision.

Oncor Power Outage:

In case of any type of issue you are feeling trouble because of the issue of Power Outage. You need to report the problem of Oncor outage. If there is some genuine issue or some technical fault then we will inform you through our alert and update service. Your power Outage issue will be resolved as soon as probable.

Oncor Power Outage Reports – current status:

Through this service it is possible for you to check the current status of Power outage reports that which areas are facing issues. Oncor is offering you facility to check the reports about Oncor Outage submitted during last 24-hours from different areas of Texas. Through this you can check your area reports as well.


Oncor is now providing you Power outage map through which you can find out the location where it take place. You have to facility to look at the distance that how much kilometre, issue is away from you. After identification it will easy for you to report the power outage.


Whenever you find any issue immediately report the power outage through the official web site of Ocnor electric provider company. You need to be responsible to report Power Outage. It will help in the eradication of the problem as soon as possible. You can use below services to contact:

  1. Call to Customer Care: 1.888.313.6862
  2. Submit your report online
  3. Follow Ocnor on Twitter

Current Status and Outage Report of Ocnor Power Outage: June 3, 2017:

If you’re fronting Ocnor Power Outage today, please submit a report of power outage OR submit your review below.

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