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OG&E Power Outage

Are you facing OG&E Power outage? If yes then good option for you is without delaying more just report the power outage problem at the costumer care of OG&E. When you will report power outage the consequence will be in your favour and OG&E will fix your problem and you will get positive result. With the facility of graph you have now access to check the problems during the gas and electricity supply and also you can check reports. Your issue of Power Outage will be no more and will be addressed properly by OG&E.


OG&E Public Power District:

OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric) is an electricity utility company and providing services to more than 750,000 customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas. It is founded in 1902. Head Quarter of OG&E is in Oklahoma City. In this company 3,100 people are working. OG&E electric is serving more than 801,000 customers and have 9 power plants. This company generate 70% of its electricity through coal and capable of production of 6,100 megawatts. In Oklahoma OG&E is one of the largest company which find wind power as a choice to its retail.


OG&E Power Outage:

OG&E Company is providing you electricity and gas. In case you face Power Outage then don’t worry. You need to submit report to the customer care of the OG&E Company. Though system is a good one but sometime because of some issues you may face OG&E outage and it can only be resolved when you report power outage.


OG&E Power Outage Reports – current status:

The graph given below is representing the OG&E Power Outage Reports. You can check any report and location of Power Outage during last 24-Hours from the different areas of Oklahoma. Through Power Outage reports you can identify the issues across different areas of targeted consumers.



Now your issue is clear in front of you because you can check the break through, leakage in the gas pipelines, or the problems in the supply of electricity across different areas can be check through this map. Where light is dim or not working can be identify through map as well the distance of problem area can also be identifiable.



If you are a victim of Power Outage then it is necessary for you to submit a report to company in order to inform them for fixing the issue of OG&E Outage. It will be quite helpful for you and will help you in resolving the issue. OG&E Company will take action in order to resolve the Power Outage problem. You can use below methods for contact:

  1. Call to Customer Care: 405-272-9741 or 800-272-9741
  2. Submit your report online
  3. Follow OG&E on Twitter

Current Status and Outage Report of OG&E Power Outage: June 3, 2017:

If you’re facing OG&E Power Outage today, please submit a report of power outage OR submit your review below.

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