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LADWP Power Outage

Are you facing LADWP outage problem in your zone? You can report LADWP power outage problem at costumer report centre. In your region electricity is dim, or down OR Water supply problem for a while, you have access to check the map details from the graph displaying LADWP Public Power District outage problems as well as reports. By reporting the authoring you can inform them about the issue you are facing so that problem can be resolve as soon as possible.

LADWP Public Power District:

LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) is a largest utility in the United States, serving over 4 million residents. It was founded in 1902, to make possible the supply of water across Los Angeles and surrounding populations. From 1917, it is also supplying electricity. Now LADWP is delivering a maximum of 7,200 megawatts of power as well as 760 million cubic meters of water across the span of one year. If you have any issue then you can inform them by online reporting anytime.

LADWP Power Outage:

You can face LADWP Power Outage because of trips, rains, storm or anything else. In your area if you are facing Power Outage then you inform the department via report. On the other hand, during heavy power outage, the Storm and Outage centre of LADWP will let you know about the present situation of outage conditions and restoration efforts.

LADWP Power Outage Reports – current status:

The graph below showing the today’s LADWP Power Outage Reports. The user who are electricity and water consumers of LADWP Public Power District throughout the past 24-hours from the different areas of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities which fall under the targeted area can check statistics.


Now company is facilitating you with outage map to check the location where the problems like dim or shut down occurred. Through the map below you can see a general view of where power outages by LADWP are located.


LADWP customers have now access to visit the official website to submit report Power Outage. The services like electricity and water provided by the LADWP are very effective, but sometime you may face issues because of natural phenomena, power outage take place. Whenever you face LADWP Outage problem, you can:

  1. Call to Customer Care: 1-800-342-5397
  2. Submit your report online
  3. Follow LADWP on Twitter

Current Status and Outage Report of LADWP Power Outage: June 3, 2017:

If you’re fronting LADWP Power Outage today, please report power outage OR submit your review below.

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