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Dungeon Fighter Online 2019 Game Download

Dungeon Fighters Online 2019 Game Download from Softonic which is an arcade game like Golden Axe and Double Dragon game. It is 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up MMORPG. It is the game which player can play repeatedly after the loss the round.

Dungeon Fighter Online Game Download

Dungeon Fighters Online Download on Softonic

Dungeon fighter online gameplay via Softonic

Dungeon fighter online 2018 is the arcade game which was released in North America and in Europe through nexion. after shutting down this game relaunch in 2013 for Neople which is the game developer. there is the fast pace experience, classic beat em up action which combines with MMORPG element in this game.

Once-docile monster inhabiting the kingdom in Dungeon fighter online 2018 game which is the task for the player in this game to save the kingdom from that monster.

There are seven playable characters in DOF 2018 game. From these seven characters player can choose on the character to start the game. Then the player can specialize in subclass when reached up to 20th level.

Dragon Fighter Online Key Features

DFO 2018 Softonic

1: Side-Scrolling Beat em up gameplay with retro graphics like Golden Axe and Double Axe.

2: Mostly this game has the game-play in instance Dungeon.

3: Dragon fighter online has 7 starting classes and more than 25 subclasses.

4: Dungeon fighters online game can be played in various difficulty mode.

5: Dungeon fighters online is a Multiplayer Game.

Dungeon Fighters Online Classes 2018 Softonic

Dungeon Fighters Online SubClasses 2o18

Dungeon fighter online classes and sub-classes are discussed below for the players who have an interest in thee classes can get information from the following classes.

Knight: it is the only female class in the Dungeon fighter online classes. it is equipped with a shield and the sword. this class has the balance inoffensive and in defensive.

Slayer: in this class swordsman has the demon power in off-hand. this class is the male class. subclasses of this class are the Blade master, Soul Bender, Berserker and asura.

Fighter: in the classes of Dungeon fighter online game fighter class is the most interesting class. hand to hand expert with a powerful kick attack in this class. Subclasses of this class are Nenn Master, Striker, Brawler, and Grappler.

Gunner: Gunner can take out the enemies over the large range from it are by using the powerful attacks. Subclasses of this class are Ranger, Launchers, Mechanics, and spitfire

Mage: this class has the ability to fallen down the enemies. subclasses of this are  Elementalist, summoner,  witch. elemental bomber, and glacier master.

Priest: Devotees use the Holy power in this class to kill the evil in order to protect the weaker. punches and the massive weapons are the use of the secondary weapons be these devotees. this is the male restricted class. Subclasses of this are Crusader, Monks, Exorcist and. Avenger.

Thief: this is the female class in which Agile Dark Elf specializes in the delivering of the critical blows by using the dual daggers. Rough and Necromancer are the subclasses of this class.

Dark Knight: it is the most powerful class of the Dungeon fighter online which has all the skill of the slayer. it means that this class also use the Demon Power. when the player racks up the more combos then the player can damage the opponent more efficiently.

Creator: there is much magic used by the magicians in this class the defend the enemies. this class is easy to play because this is the mouse controller class. this class is the only female class.

Dungeon fighter online wiki

Some people are looking for the dungeon fighter online wiki. There you can check details regarding Dungeon Fighters online game.

Dungeon Fighters Online Download 2018 Game Softonic

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