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COMED Power Outage

Electricity down can cause more problem for you. For checking the issue you need to look at COMED Outage Problem, by visiting the Outage map. After this you have to report Power Outage problem to the Customer care centre of COMED. You can report now via text message. Company will respond you quickly and you will get result in minimum time as soon as possible.

Commonwealth Edison:

COMED (Commonwealth Edison) is largest electric utility company in the Illinois USA, serving the Chicago and Northern Illinois, founded in 1907. Company has more than 3.8 million customer base. The total revenue of the company is more than $15 billion annually. The headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, United States.


COMED Power Outage:

Sometime because of rain or storm people face Outage problems regarding the supply of electricity. You may face power cut or any other issue. You need to report Power Outage. Company will start working on your COMED Outage and will respond you immediately. In case of emergency you will get further instructions.

COMED Power Outage Reports – current status:

When you report the Power Outage issues, after that with the help of below graph you can check the reports about COMED Outage from different areas. You have access to check the Outage reports submitted during the last 24-Hours.




Now it is easy to identify the trip, cut or any other problem through Outage map. You can check the affected area and then report Power Outage easily with the help of below map.




After facing any problem about COMED Outage you have to take a quick action and report Power Outage to the company in time. After this you can resolve Outage problem easily. You can make contact with company by visiting official website to get access:

  1. Call to Customer Care 24/7 at: 1-800-334-7661
  2. Submit your report online
  3. Follow COMED on Twitter

Current Status and Outage Report of COMED Power Outage: June 8, 2017:

If you’re facing COMED Power Outage today, please submit Outage report OR submit your review below.

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